Tenant leaving? Make sure the Council Tax is sorted.

Landlords face a long list of things needing attention when a tenant moves out; everything from the inventory, the deposit, to the utilities. Make sure though, that you don’t forget the Council Tax. If we have the right information about your property, we can get the bill right first time, saving you difficulties down the line. This is particularly important since empty property exemptions were abolished last year. Landlords become responsible for Council Tax as soon as a tenant leaves. However, if someone goes before the end date on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, without landlord agreement, the tenant may still be liable to pay until either:
• The original tenancy end date
• The landlord takes back possession of the property.
• A new tenant moves in.
If the tenant leaves on the end date, or leaves early with the landlord’s agreement, the landlord immediately becomes liable.

If someone stays after the agreement runs out without signing a new one, it ‘rolls over’ and becomes a Statutory Periodic Tenancy. Tenants need only give one month’s notice to end this; once the tenancy ends, the landlord is immediately liable to pay the tax.
Its best if both sides agree the end date in writing, so that we can make sure the right person gets billed for the right period. So, please make sure that you:
• Tell us about changes straight away
• If you are not sure about why you have been billed for a period, contact us immediately.
• Don’t rely on the tenant (or anyone else) to tell us.
• Keep proper written records

More information about Council Tax is available on our website at www.sandwell.gov.uk.



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