Looking for a tenant? Can the council help?

If you have an empty property and are looking for a tenant, you might want to think about our Private Sector Leasing Scheme. The council rents the property from you and then fills the property with a sub-tenant. The big advantage to a landlord is that your tenant is the council itself, meaning that your rent is guaranteed for the period of the tenancy. The rent you get from the council is based on the full Local Housing Allowance rate. There’s a whole list of other benefits:

• A fixed 2 year lease with a guaranteed income for the whole period and no voids.
• No management fees and no letting or re-letting fees.
• No Tenancy Deposit Scheme to bother with.
• Housing management carried out by professionals.
• Tenant referencing.
• Complete inventory service with photographic evidence.
• Your property handed back in good condition minus fair wear and tear.

If you think you might be interested in working with us to find you a tenant, contact us on 0121 569 5256 or email privatesector_housing@sandwell.gov.uk




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