Sandwell’s LHA rates for 2015

We’ve now got the new LHA rates which will apply for Sandwell from April 2015. I’ve included a quick screenshot taken from which shows these.

Apologies if this looks a little bit scrappy but I wanted to get this out quickly. I hope to blog a smarter poster version on a pdf soon which you will be welcome to print off.

LHA blog

You can see the original as well as LHA rates for other areas.

Some quick reminders…

  • The LHA rate for an individual property in Sandwell could come under either the Birmingham rate or the Black Country rate. You can check which will apply by searching on the full postcode on the LHA direct website.
  • Prospective tenants should always check which room-rate they will qualify for before moving into a new home. (Again, you can do this on the website). Most single people without children living with them full-time will only get the shared accommodation rate, unless they over the age of 35.
  • Do remember that if we pay LHA direct to a landlord or letting agent, the payment will be based on a 4 week multiple. The landlord might actually charge rent on a calendar monthly basis. Payments made to tenants are made on a two weekly basis.



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