Local Housing Allowance

Benefits rates poster

You might have seen that we posted the Local Housing Allowance rates for 2015 last week although it was just on a screen shot taken from the Valuations Agency website. You can now download a pdf poster of the 2015 rates LHA rates from April 2015. pdf

Just in case you have trouble with PDFs, I’ve also put the figures below.


Birmingham BRMA

Shared Accommodation Rate: £57.34 per week

One Bedroom Rate: £98.87 per week

Two Bedrooms Rate:£120.29 per week

Three Bedrooms Rate:£132.00 per week

Four Bedrooms Rate:£173.41 per week

Black Country BRMA

Shared Accommodation Rate:£60.00 per week

One Bedroom Rate:£86.30 per week – Two Bedrooms Rate:

£104.89 per week

Three Bedrooms Rate:£120.29 per week

Four Bedrooms Rate:£151.50 per week



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