Helping tenants reduce their fuel bills is always good for landlords..

Reducing fuel

As a good landlord, you want your tenant to be comfortable in warm and energy efficient home and there is now a new initiative from the Sandwell Consortium’ on-hand to give free advice to tenants to help make sure they are using energy effectively and getting the best possible deal on price. When tenants can afford adequate heating, your property is far less likely to have issues with damp or general water damage and they are less likely to have the sort of financial problems which can contribute to rent arrears issues. The scheme can offer advice on

• Pre-payment metering

• How to compare bills and find a cheaper supplier

• Information on improving the efficiency of heating

• Understanding Energy Bills

They can either give your tenant over the phone advice or visit the property for a more detailed assessment. Tenants in either Smethwick or Oldbury should contact the local charity ‘Brushstrokes’ on 0121 565 2234 who are providing the service on behalf of the Sandwell Consortium in those areas. Tenants in the rest of the borough should contact the Consortium directly on 0121 565 8877






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