Picking your way through the minefield – the app for new tenancies.


The list of things that need to be sorted out when you give someone a new tenancy never ends. Here’s a few … Gas safety certificates, EPC, deposit protection, tenant referencing, council tax, ‘right to rent’ immigration checks, section 21s, smoke detectors and there are plenty more you can add.

Tenants need to know most of this as well as the landlord and from a landlord perspective, keeping tenants well informed helps

  • tenants understand a landlord’s responsibilities
  • build trust and avoid misunderstandings

So the Homestamp Consortium (which Sandwell Council is a leading member of) has just launched a new app – ‘Check before you rent.’ This takes tenants through what they need to consider when looking at a possible new home. But the app can also be a handy reminder for landlords. It’s completely free to use and you can download it from either the Apple ‘App Store’ or Google Play today.

The app is already attracting attention, featuring in news reports on local radio and we would love to know what you think about it. So please do have a look. If you have comments or questions, please send them direct to Gary Wright at gary_wright@sandwell.gov.uk



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