Benefit information … Online access 24/7


If you’re a landlord and receive direct housing benefit payments for Sandwell tenants, you can now get access to all of the payment information we normally send you through your payment schedules plus some extras, through our new landlord portal. The portal will show

  • The dates, periods covered and amounts of any payments made to you
  • The date and amount of the next payment due – particularly useful if you need to check whether a new claim has been put into payment
  • Whether a claim has been suspended
  • All historic information contained on your earlier payment schedules.

Much like an online bank account, you can find this information about your payments for yourself, online, 24 hours a day, without the need to contact us. The portal will only allow you to see information about periods where you are receiving direct payments for a particular tenant and normal data protection rules still apply. Nonetheless, the landlords who have helped us trial the portal all confirm that it has made staying on top of payments and rent accounts much easier.

You can sign up for the portal now. If you are an individual landlord you can use the landlord portal registration form here.

If you are a company (a letting agent, estate agent or housing association) you can use the ‘Lead Officer Access request form here and then have any individual members of staff who you wish to use the portal for your organisation complete the user access request form available here.

(Up to five members of staff per organisation can be given access)

You can also find the portal’s user guide here.

Also, please have a look at the terms of use document which is available here.

If you are receiving direct payments for any of your tenants, we think you should find this really useful so please do have a look.












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