Who’s in your house?

Who's in your house






Are you sure you know? We are starting to hear more reports (although anecdotal) about how ‘informal tenancies’ are on the increase. That’s where people who are unable to access or afford housing of their own, are sub-letting or squashing themselves in on a spare mattress or sofa. This can happen in rented homes where there is a lawful tenant who has allowed someone else to move in, normally for cash but who fails to tell their own landlord about the situation.

Informal tenancies can have all sorts of implications

  • Home office ‘right to rent rules’
  • Fire safety
  • Houses of Multiple Occupation rules
  • Overcrowding
  • Benefits

and even though the landlord might have had no knowledge of the extra person in their property – they might be left to sort out the problem.

If as a landlord you carry out mid term inspections of your properties (and if you don’t do so already, you really should consider it) – this is an issue you should be aware of. It is considered good practice to have mid-term inspections and most tenants will normally cooperate. However, you don’t necessarily have an automatic right to make an inspection. If you are concerned that something is happening in a property you have rented out and the tenant is refusing you access, you can speak to our Housing Quality team on 01231 569 5232 who will be happy to give advice.







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