Don’t let your tenant’s problem become your problem

Debt and your tenants

If your tenant has financial problems, it’s in your interest as landlord to make sure they get the right help. Even though their difficulties might seem unrelated to their housing situation, debt and budgeting or money management issues will often spill over into rent arrears.

If your tenant is in financial difficulty:

    • Free and independent advice is available for Sandwell residents from a range of agencies displaying the Sandwell Advice Providers network (SAPN) logo.
    • Specialist debt advice is provided by Citizens Advice. To get an appointment with a debt advice worker, tenants need to drop in to their local Citizens Advice office and see an advisor who will arrange the appointment or contact Citizens Advice on 03444111444
  • Citizens Advice treat rent arrears as a priority debt and can help your tenant focus on their arrears to avoid losing their home.

Debts don’t disappear. Unresolved debt problems only get worse and can often spiral out of control. Anyone affected should be encouraged to act straight away.






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