Housing Benefit – getting the basics right when you make a claim

All too often we see people losing out on possible benefit entitlement through getting very simple things wrong when they make a claim. And this leads to rent arrears.

Common problems include:

  • Making claims late
  • Not providing information we need
  • Not telling us about changes

As a service, we talk about these constantly – on this blog, in our newsletters, on our website and in our day-to-day transactions with our clients,  but we still know that the message  doesn’t always get through. So I won’t apologise for being repetitive.

We’ve put together some notes in this document – When a tenant makes a claim for Housing Benefit. Some information for landlords – covering some of the basic things about the claim process.

If you are a landlord or give help and advice to people who might claim benefits, please do have a look.

It might save your tenant or client some money and prevent them going into arrears.



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