Blog editors on tour

Every few months, your two blog editors, (that’s us below – Liz and Oliver)  go on tour of all the letting agents we can locate in the borough.

We want to make sure that anyone letting properties is up to date on all the changes and new requirements that the sector is bombarded with.

Ollie and Liz jpeg

Most agents in Sandwell, are professional and keep themselves well informed, but there’s always something that’s been missed out or where somebody just needs some extra info. The visits are also an opportunity for agents to tell us about their current concerns and problems.  Something we very much want to hear about.

Liz’s main issues include: Changes to section 21 notices – ‘Right to Rent’ rules and the Immigration Act – Smoke Alarms – prescribed information that must be given to tenants at the start of a tenancy – modern slavery (when someone is using your property to house vulnerable or exploited people) … but this certainly isn’t the full list.

Oliver’s main issues include: The Benefit Cap (how tenant’s could lose their Housing Benefit) – Universal Credit – getting tenants to use our online benefit application form properly – what to do if a benefit tenant goes into arrears – the landlord portal and how we share information with you … again, this isn’t the full list.

So if you’re a letting agent in Sandwell – you might be getting a visit from us in the next few weeks.

But if you need information on any of these subjects anyway – or want to book a specific time slot with us – do please get in touch. ( or please note that there is an underscore character between the first and last name on any Sandwell Council email address).

Liz and Oliver


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