Need to fill a property? … Landlords needed urgently.


If you have accommodation suitable for single people, Sandwell Council officer Elaine Martin would love to hear from you.

Please don’t be put off by her client group. Elaine works at housing ex-offenders. People who might normally, not be a landlord’s first choice of tenant.  However, Elaine can give a whole package of support to landlords that often mean the tenants she provides, are a better and more secure bet than the unsupported tenants a landlord might find themselves.  Particularly in tenancies that are likely to be taken up by people on benefits.

Elaine can help with a whole range of issues for both tenants and landlords. Everything from form-filling, to deposits and utilities. But the most important of all, guaranteeing that the rent gets paid on time!

For a no-commitments chat about what she can offer you, please contact Elaine on 0121 358 9444 or email





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