A stuck record – don’t lose benefit.


I’m going to break (again) the first rule of a good blog; don’t let yourself get boring, sounding like a stuck record on a favourite subject.

This is a subject that needs continual repeating. People lose benefit unnecessarily because they are not getting some very simple things right. I won’t go into reasons or guess why this is, but just re-state some very simple, important points. Anyone claiming benefit needs to remember

  • If you want to claim benefit – do it IMMEDIATELY, or you could lose benefit.
  • Claim via our online form. It’s quick and straightforward – but make sure you complete and submit the form properly.
  • All new claims receive an automatic email receipt – this is your proof that a claim has been made.
  • When you complete the application online – it will work out from your answers, what if any supporting information we need. You MUST provide this on time or you claim will be refused.
  • If we make a separate request for information at a later date – you must reply within the set time limit.
  • If something changes – tell us straight away.
  • If you need help or advice, don’t leave it. Speak to us as quickly as you can.

So if you’re a landlord or you work giving advice to people claiming benefits – please help us get the message across and remind your tenants or clients.



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