Need a rent top-up? There’s money left in our DHP pot.


If your tenant needs a top-up between the amount of rent they are charged and the amount of Housing Benefit we are paying – they might be able to get help through a Discretionary Housing Payment. (DHP). This is a stream of funding that councils receive to help benefit claimants whose Housing Benefit does not match their full contractual rent.

There could be all sorts of reasons why a tenant might have a shortfall between their benefit and rent. The general rule of course is that it is the tenant’s responsibility to cover that shortfall and make sure their rent gets paid. However, in cases of hardship or where there are exceptional circumstances a DHP might help. And Sandwell still have funds available to cover new DHP applications. So if you have a tenant who is struggling to keep up with their rent it might be well worth encouraging them to apply.

A few key points about DHP.

  • You must already be receiving Housing benefit in Sandwell before making an application
  • All applications are decided on individual merit. We will look at the applicants circumstances and budgeting before making a decision. You should not assume an application will be successful until a positive decision is actually made.
  • All applications in Sandwell must be made online.

You can find more information or make an application here.






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