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New Housing Benefit claims no longer accepted in certain Sandwell post-codes

Universal Credit - Housing Benefit

It’s finally happening …

From July 2017 as part of ongoing conversion to Universal Credit – we will no longer accept new claims for Housing Benefit from most people (there are certain very limited exceptions) whose postcodes start with any of the following combinations:

B62 8                           B64 5                         B64 6

B64 7                           B65 0                         B65 8

Anyone affected will need to claim Universal Credit (including the Housing Cost element) instead. They should do this online through gov.uk.

Most of Sandwell will remain unaffected by this change until July 2018 when the rest of the borough will be converted to what’s called ‘Full Service’ for Universal Credit.

The exceptions will be:

  • People above working age
  • Residents in certain supported accomodation
  • Families with three or more children

Full information about how UC works is available on gov.uk.