Daily Archives: August 18, 2017

A quick update on Universal Credit in Sandwell: Support for tenants.

Black Country Click Start

The conversion process from Housing Benefit and the other old style benefits to Universal Credit is moving along very quickly.

Having a UC claim though, depends on being able to make an application online and then having full internet access to allow you to manage your claim.

We know there’s still a number of benefit claimants who would simply don’t use the internet and would struggle. They must address this if they are going to cope with the new benefit system. Or sooner or later, they could run into some serious difficulties as eventually the bulk of our caseload will be converted to UC.

And that’s quite apart from being excluded from just about everything else in the modern world.

Help is available locally to get people them online and confidant with internet basics through a free service called Black Country Click Start . It will teach some very necessary practical skills (meaning your tenant can sort out their benefit claim and then pay you your rent) – but it will also wraps these skills up into a more general package with things to make the program more attractive and less of a chore.

Despite being from a generation brought up pre-internet (I’m 52 this month) I can’t imagine living without it and often just take it for granted that everyone is comfortable doing the same things as me online But that’s very definitely wrong of me – I shouldn’t. There are all kinds of reasons why someone might not be and here’s a good chance to encourage them to find some help and support.

Please see the leaflet on the link above for the full details.