Daily Archives: January 8, 2020

Council Tax Changes, the landlord portal and how to use me

If you need to tell us that a tenant has moved in or out of one of your properties, the quickest way by far, is to use on online form. This feeds through straight to the relevant section and notifications received in this way are actioned much quicker than ones received by any other route. You can find the form here.

And just to update on you on our landlord portal. Unfortunately, as per my last post, the portal is still out of action. And although I’m hoping it might be restored sooner, I’m afraid that the earliest probable date for it to be back up is the end of this month. It might be longer.

I’m very sorry of course for any inconvenience this might cause. We are though, still sending out the old fashioned paper payment schedules so that you can still allocate payments to tenant rent accounts. We never actually stopped doing this, although we know that in some larger landlords where the rents / income staff might be on a separate site from other admin staff, the right people didn’t actually realise that they had been receiving them.

The good news though is that I’m hoping when the portal is restored, it will have several new features which should definitely make it easier to use.

One more point about communication.

My job role has been slightly re-drawn over the last few months and now covers some new areas. For a while now, I haven’t been able to deal with queries about individual tenants.

This used to be the bread and butter part of my job but now, I either have to pass the query on or advise the landlord to contact our customer service team direct. (And please bear in mind that unfortunately, GDPR means that even if you do contact the right people, we might not be able to share information with you anyway – it’s always best to talk to your tenant first or if tenants can make the query themselves).

However – I am very much still here as a point of contact. If landlords have general queries about our policies or procedures or need information about our service – please do feel free to contact me. And if I’m not the right person for the query to go to – I can advise you who to contact or I can pass it on.

If you need me or have a question – please just drop me an email – oliver_wright@sandwell.gov.uk

Or if you need a chat – email me your number and the best time to ring you.

And I will let you know about the portal as soon as I can