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Accepting benefit tenants.

No dss

If you are someone who is looking for a new rented home in the private sector – you will inevitably come across adverts which bluntly state ‘No DSS.’ Well – the ‘DSS’ hasn’t been called ‘DSS,’ since the early 1990s, it is of course the DWP, but the message is clear; that the landlord is not prepared to accept tenants on benefit.
Obviously though, they are very large numbers of landlords who are happy to accept benefit tenants as long as they pass the normal referencing processes. There are certainly plenty of good tenants who happen to receive benefits. I deal with landlord problems everyday (and have done all my working life) and I take them seriously but emphatically don’t think that just because someone is on benefits – they will automatically be a bad tenant. But I’ll also just make clear, that it’s not my intention or my place, to criticise landlords about choices they make in their lettings policies as long as they comply with the law.
The point of this post though is to make you aware that this subject is starting to attract government attention. They might be and I’m only saying ‘might be,’ about to bring in some legal changes here. These could prevent landlords from refusing to offer a property to someone, simply because they are a benefit claimant.
I won’t go into the details – but just suggest that you might want to read this for yourself on this link. And I’ve read similar reports in the Daily Mirror, the Independent and the Daily Telegraph. (I’ll stick in our usual disclaimer that we can’t guarantee the accuracy or balance of any external non-official links).
So if you do have a ‘no benefits’ policy– you mind want to start thinking about this now for any future lettings. Obviously – we will let you know if and when we hear anything more on the subject.