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Something else to worry about …


If you’re a landlord and you own the white goods your tenant uses – fridge, washer, tumbler, cooker etc – don’t forget that their maintenance and safety is your responsibility. You might have seen in the news recently that there has been a rash of product recalls on various appliances as various models have been catching fire!
I’ve had a close brush with this myself. Just before Christmas my son-in-law had a brand new tumble dryer burst into flames. Fortunately, he was in the room at when it happened. He’s a practical, quick witted guy and was able to get the fire out himself before any real damage was done. Nonetheless, it’s pretty scary, especially as there were two small children in the house. Not everyone would have coped so well, (I doubt that I could have done) – especially with an electrical fire.
If you think you might have an electrical product that has been subjected to a recall – there is now a government website where you can check. Given that these problems often occur in new goods, it means it’s unlikely that anything would have been picked up on a PAT test. Liz (the blog’s co-editor and general housing expert) recommends that you have a PAT – or portable electric appliance test done annually. And for certain Houses in Multiple occupation annual PAT tests are compulsory.
Just as importantly – don’t forget you must have a smoke detector on each floor in a tenanted property. No excuses!