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Electrical safety

Electrical Safety

Dodgy electrics in the home can cause anything from a cardiac arrest for an unlucky resident to a full blown house fire. Do you need to think about the electrical safety of your properties? We recommend a full check up on the electrics in any rental property at least once every five years, (and sometimes more frequently).

There is a very good presentation on electrical safety in private rented accommodation on this link:

This is from an excellent organisation called the HMO Network – if you are an HMO landlord – you might find the rest of their website interesting as well – it’s full of good stuff; but any landlord, whether they have HMOs or other types of rented accommodation should find the above presentation useful.

Obviously – electrical safety inspections can be expensive and the cost of any corrective work or repair will eat into your rental income. But the costs of not getting something done when it’s needed could be through the roof. And that’s before you think about your general obligation to make sure that your tenants are safe.

The things that could go wrong don’t bear thinking about. They really don’t.

So please – if you haven’t done so for a while, give this issue some thought and make sure you are completely satisfied with the safety of all your properties.