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A warm (or at least energy efficient) home for your tenants


Are your EPC’s up to date and do they reach the right minimum standards?

Many existing EPCs are now expiring. Don’t forget, an EPC is only valid for ten years from its date of issue. If you are not up to date with your certificate you could find yourself facing all sorts of unpleasant consequences and if an existing certificate does not meet the right standards (there have been various changes to the regulations since they first came in) you can be prohibited from letting out your property.

There is too much for me to cover in one short blog post – so I’m going to take the easy way out (easy for me that is) and suggest that unless you are completely sure of the status of your EPC or need more information – you should probably get googling.

The major landlord organisations have this covered on their websites and of course – there is


Energy Performance Certificates.

Light bulbs

There was an interesting article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph about the costs of upgrading properties that have an EPC rating below ‘E.’

If this is one of your properties – please have a read.

Apparently – this is likely to affect up to 200,000 landlords.

Don’t forget – you can no longer let out a property on a new tenancy with a rating below E. Also please remember to make sure that your existing EPCs don’t need renewing and if you have an empty property – you must show the prospective tenant a valid EPC before they accept the property. You should also get them to sign to say that they have seen this. If you don’t – you won’t be able to serve a Section 21 to end the tenancy.

There’s general information on EPC’s here: