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It’s now illegal . . .


We’ve blogged on this before, but it’s worth a reminder as the new law came into effect on Saturday, (1st June 2019). It’s now illegal to charge people fees – whatever you call them or even disguise them, to move into a new home.


Admin fees – BANNED
Finding a property fees – BANNED
Referencing fees – BANNED
Credit check fees – BANNED
Inventory fees – BANNED
Viewing fees – BANNED
Signing a tenancy fees – BANNED
Clever dodges to get round the above – BANNED

The overwhelming majority of landlords and agents will do the right thing and stay within the law – but anyone who doesn’t is likely to get caught. This change is being widely flagged; some new tenants might be conned into handing over money they shouldn’t but there’s a very good chance that they will find out sooner or later make a complaint. Landlords who get caught out will face severe financial consequences – it’s a £5,000 fine for the first offence.

And it’s also now illegal to take a deposit that is for more than 5 weeks rent!