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A double blog: Post to Revenues and Benefits and a massive landlord fine

Providing information for Revenues and Benefits.


From 2nd January 2019 – the drop boxes we have where our customers can ‘post’ information to us at our Revenues and Benefits counter sites – the Council House in Oldbury and Kings Square, West Bromwich are being withdrawn. Customers can still use our FREEPOST address to send supporting information about their Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction claims or Council Tax Accounts.

The address is simple, it’s


Landlord ordered to pay £25,000 over a lack of hot water.

Hot water

We know that the overwhelming majority of Sandwell Landlords provide decent homes and we would never need to take any sort of enforcement action against them. But councils (including Sandwell) do have powers they are sometimes obliged to use against landlords. Here’s a cautionary tale from the Guardian about a landlord being ordered to pay a fine and costs of £25,000 for not providing hot water to a tenant.