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Landlords who re-sell fuel to tenants

Landlords, particularly those with houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) sometimes find that the best way of dealing with the electricity and gas supply for their tenants is to buy the fuel themselves from the supplier and then re-sell it to the tenant. There is nothing wrong with doing this but the regulations are clear that landlords should not actually make a profit from the resale.

We know that most Sandwell landlords are doing the right thing by following the rules, but we are increasingly hearing of cases where landlords are overcharging. Any landlord who is not sure of what they can charge should check with the regulator Ofgen or contact their own supplier.

We take this matter seriously and intend to start taking action to help ensure compliance – meaning penalties for anyone in breach. So if you are one of the few landlords breaking the rules, please take this as a polite warning. Take action now and get yourself back inside the rules, before you face the consequences.

If you’re not sure of your responsibilities and need advice on this, we are here to help, just drop me an email, but don’t leave it. Any tenant or tenant representative worried about over-charging can also contact me. Its

Liz Mooney