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Minimum room sizes … overcrowding … licensing and more


The government has just launched a new housing consultation. It’s a bit of a pic’n’mix and will look at

  • Minimum room sizes
  • Overcrowding
  • Standards for flats above shops
  • Extending licensing requirements for Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Requiring landlords of shared homes to provide decent storage and disposal of rubbish
  • Tightening up the fit and proper person test for landlords and ensuring criminal record checks are carried out on landlords. (Where relevant).

The government says it wants to “strengthen councils to tackle problem homes head-on and bring an end to ruthless landlords who exploit tenants and charge extortionate rents to live in poor conditions.” Strong language, but sometimes justified. Though not likely to apply to any landlord who reads this blog. There are some important subjects here and it’s a good opportunity to have your say – so please do visit the consultation if you get the chance.