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Official government advice for landlords and contacting our Benefits Overpayments team

A double post –

There is a new government publication available on which gives basic advice to landlords. It’s called ‘How to Let.’

How to let

It’s a good one. It’s short and clearly written with useful links. You can find it here.

If you are regular reader of the blog – you should already be familiar with most, if not all of its contents. We have covered the lot just about, in the blog. (Please excuse me for a bit of self-congratulation). But I would still recommend having a look; it has some useful reminders and everything is in one place.

It accompanies the How to Rent pamphlet that all landlords must give to tenants. Don’t forget (something else we have blogged about) that if you have failed to give a tenant a copy of ‘How to Rent,’ you might be legally prevented from serving them a section 21 notice to end the tenancy.

My second subject today . . . Not exciting, but I need to mention – overpayments. The contact details for Housing Benefit overpayments have changed. This leaflet tells you how to contact Housing Benefits about an overpayment and how you can make a payment.