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So how do you legally get your property back?

Section 8

Following last week’s post on section 21 notices, we’ve had a comment about what to do if you can’t serve a section 21 and are stuck with a tenant you don’t want.
First – thanks very much for the comment. All feedback is welcome. Please either comment directly, or email me (although I can’t take queries about individual tenants).
Second – I have to emphasise again; we hope a tenancy would only ever end by mutual agreement. We don’t want landlords with unplanned voids and or tenants having to leave homes before they are ready. However, it’s not a perfect world. Sometimes – you just need to get your property back.
Hopefully, there will be nothing that stops you serving a section 21 as you have met all of the legal requirements a landlord should. That’s your best protection.
But . . .
Apart from section 21s, the other main route is a section 8. There can be obstacles to serving section 8s which are not as straightforward.
These two links are useful – (I have to put in our usual disclaimer here – we can’t take responsibility for the content of external websites – whether they are fully up-to-date or whether the information is complete).
If you are doubt – then please get advice.