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If you’re a landlord with ‘shared’ accommodation to offer . . . think about this.

Shared Accomodation

If you’re a landlord and have a room you want to fill in shared accommodation or in a house in multiple occupation, here’s something you should think about. Please read this to the end. You might do yourself a favour. My colleague Elaine Ramsey is a specialist housing worker who finds accommodation for ex-offenders. Elaine has a tough job; many landlords simply don’t want to touch her client group, expecting that they will bring all sorts of trouble with them. But (some might think oddly) – Elaine’s clients can sometimes be less of a risk for landlords than other tenants.

HMO’s often already house vulnerable people, meaning HMO landlords need to provide a higher level of management than they do for other properties. Something the recent law changes on HMO licensing recognises. There can be all sorts of difficulties for landlords, not least with rent arrears, meaning landlord income can be dramatically affected.

Elaine though provides extensive support to her clients, covering just about anything that keeps the tenancy working for her client and the landlord. She has a particular emphasis on making sure the rent is safe, however it’s funded, including for tenants on Universal Credit. People placed by Elaine can be a safer bet with a lower chance of getting into arrears than tenants that landlords find for themselves.

If you’re a landlord and would like to find out more on a no commitment basis, contact Elaine on or give her a ring on 07967391562. She would love to hear from you.