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Winter is here . . .

Winter is here

We haven’t had any really cold weather yet this year, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. When it does come – with all the accompanying problems – burst or frozen pipes, faulty boilers, extra damp or water entering your property, will you be ready for it?

Are you confidant that your tenants are looking doing their share about looking after the property properly or that you have done everything you need to do, to make sure the elements are kept out and your tenants have a warm and secure home?

There is a long list of good websites with tips for both landlords and tenants – I’m not going to link directly to any of them as they are mainly commercial – but if you just google the phrase ‘winter proof your home,’ you’ll find more than enough information to get you started.

And landlords should certainly be thinking about insurers and emergency contractors for when things do go wrong.

Here’s a scenario – you’ve gone away over the Christmas period for a nice relaxing break – somewhere without any mobile signal or wifi – you are blissfully out of touch with everything and no-one can find you. That’s the day that the temperature drops to below freezing and your tenant’s heating packs up. Do they know who to call? And if there is someone to call – do you know that you have got the best level of provision in place so that no-one needs to be making frantic calls to emergency plumbers / engineers who might be charging significantly over the odds – if they are available at all?

So if you haven’t done so already – please get googling again – if you just search with this term ‘emergency cover for landlords’ you will find plenty of companies who want to sell you services to cover these eventualities.

A little bit of thought now, the right investment or precautions and perhaps a conversation with your tenant could save you a lot of trouble and money later.