Evening landlord forum

Sandwell Landlords Forum

We hope you can make it to the next FREE Sandwell Landlord forum.
If you are wondering about the graphic, the question you can guarantee myself and Liz will get asked at forums is – ‘Why don’t we get biscuits with the coffee anymore?’ So with great resourcefulness and some financial wizardry, not at the Council Tax payer’s expense, Liz has secured biscuit funding.

The forum, co-hosted by the National Landlords Association will be on 21st March. Following several requests from landlords, as an experiment, it will be an evening session. Depending on the turn-out, we will then look at whether we might want to have future forums in the evening. Also please note the change of venue from Sandwell Council House at Oldbury to Smethwick Mencap Social Club.

The agenda hasn’t been finalised yet – but the star turn will be Mary Latham of the National Landlords Association talking about changes in the law and housing regulations. Biscuits or not, its worth coming just to hear Mary, not just because she’s an excellent speaker, but there is an awful lot happening in housing that landlords need to know about and Mary is the person to cover it.

We will post the final agenda closer to the date. Hope to see you there.