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It might be July, but how’s your heating?


With brilliant timing, as the thermometer goes over 30C in the sunshine – here’s a quick post about heating and boilers.

Certain low income tenants, who receive benefits, can qualify to have a free replacement boiler fitted in their home.

This is good news for their landlords. Although the intention of the scheme is to help the tenant, with a new efficient boiler cutting the tenant’s heating bills, the landlord is far less likely to be hit for maintenance or repair as as there’s a brand new and cost free boiler.

There are of course qualifying conditions about who might be eligible, but if your tenant is on benefits, it’s probably worth having a look here.

Thanks to Janice Freeman-Phillips from Sandwell Financial Services Hub for sending me the information on this. If you don’t know Janice’s service already, they offer support and advice to tenants who struggle with issues like budgeting and staying on top of bills and also help people make sure they are getting any welfare benefits that they are entitled to. You might find their website worth a quick visit.