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Portal problems

Portal problems

We have had various reports over the last two weeks or so of landlords having trouble accessing the portal.


If you are already registered as a portal user – before you use the adjustment method shown above – please see this advice from one of my technical / IT colleagues.

“The portal is actually working normally and there have been no interruptions to this. However, we have found that problems have occurred where users have tried to access the portal using versions of Internet Explorer that are slightly out-of-date and therefore incompatible with the portal.


Using the portal needs at a minimum – Internet Explorer 11. Upgrading your computer to meet these requirements is straightforward but the process you follow to upgrade will depend on what operating system your computer uses (e.g. Windows, 7, Vista etc).


You can find simple step-by-step instructions about how to make the updates for any operating system online with a quick google search, or if your organisation is large enough to have an IT specialist officer or team, they should be able to give you’re the appropriate advice.”

If you have tried the above and still have problems getting into the portal – please take a screen-shot of wherever the problem occurs and email it to me and we will try and investigate from there.



Essential maintenance work on the Sandwell Landlord Portal


Our Sandwell Landlord Portal will be down for essential maintenance and updating from this Friday, the 3rd March. Potentially it could be down until the 12th March but we are hopeful that normal service will be restored significantly before the 12th.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.



Landlord Portal back online – Confirmation of backdating changes and withdrawal of the ‘Family Premium.’


First off – our landlord portal is now up and running again after a short break while we applied some essential updates. Apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Last month, I blogged about new Department of Work and Pensions rules on Housing Benefit back-dating. Apologies for returning to the subject so quickly, but we didn’t then have the final confirmation. This has come through and is available online in the DWP circular HB A3/2016. It confirms that for claimants of working age – Housing Benefit can only be backdated for a maximum of one month. And don’t forget – even this limited period can only be awarded if ‘good cause’ can be shown as to why the claim wasn’t made at the right time. The circular also covers the withdrawal of the ‘Family Premium.’ This is a part of how we calculate benefit for some families and could mean a drop in their entitlement.

My real concern in this post though is backdating. We see so many people get into trouble because they make their claim late. Or, we receive their claim but they don’t supply information we have asked for, so it gets refused. They then have to submit a new claim which all too often only comes in after further delays. The result can be a tenant left with substantial rent arrears. So it’s a really simple message we want to get across: If someone wants to claim Housing Benefit – don’t delay – do it immediately. And once a claim has been submitted – if we ask for information, let us have it as soon as you possibly can.