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This October, landlords have more than Halloween to be frightened of.

Government Booklet

Government booklet setting out the information landlords must give to new tenants.

This is a very short post covering a very long subject. This October, there are some important changes coming into effect that landlords really do need to ready for. The bullet points above are probably the biggest of the changes, but there are more. This blog is the wrong format for offering heavy technical articles or definitive guides … but we do want to remind landlords that there are some serious issues they need to be paying attention to. We will be putting out some ‘bite-sized’ posts on some of the changes in the next couple of weeks, but if you are not fully informed already, you probably need to spend some time on the internet looking at the websites of the various landlord / letting agent trade organisations, many of whom have produced excellent and comprehensive guides to the imminent changes. You should also see the government booklet ‘How to Rent’ setting out the information that new tenants must be given under the new rules.