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Compulsory Redress Schemes

Last chance to beat a £5,000 fine…

Late last year, new rules came into effect making it compulsory for letting agents to register with one of three government backed redress schemes. The rules cover not only high street agents. Anyone who is paid to manage residential property on someone else’s behalf is likely to be affected. The schemes are there to resolve disputes between letting agents and their clients; whether that’s the tenant or the landlord on whose behalf they are acting. We have some very good, reputable agents in the borough and most Sandwell agents were either signed up with a suitable scheme already, or did so as soon as they became aware of their new obligation.

However, despite there being a £5,000 civil penalty for not being registered, we are aware of some agents in the borough who still haven’t signed up. If this is you, please, for your own sake, sign up now. You can do it online and although there are costs attached, it’s very quick and easy. If you don’t, you will face enforcement action from the council and end up £5,000 worse off.

You don’t have time to delay, please act now!

If you are either a tenant or a landlord and wish to report that your agent is not registered with a redress scheme, please contact Liz Mooney of the council’s Housing Quality Team directly on 0121 569 5232 or email Liz at